Considering Buying An Auto Harness For Your Dog?

We’ve all seen well meaning pet owners driving around with their dog in their lap.  The dog is looking out the window and sometimes they are well behaved.  Sometimes they are pacing back and fort in the back seat and other times they are running around the car.  The problem with this activity is it is distracting to the driver.  We all realize the dangers of texting, but may not consider unsecured dogs as  dangerous.  Not only are they distracting, but they are in peril as well.  Consider the dangers of an unsecured child in case of an auto accident.  I mean, we have seat belt and car seat laws to protect children.  I am not proposing a law for dogs, although there are states with such laws, but I am proposing that we consider the dangers of unsecured animals and devise a plan to protect them and our fellow travelers.

So Here’s The Problemauto harness

Our son, Michael, likes to have our Beagle in the car when I drop him off at school and when I pick him up in the afternoon.  I really need to make sure Oliver is secure in the back seat so he doesn’t try to follow our son out of the car at school.  All of the teachers love to see the puppy in the car, but would not be happy about chasing him every morning if he came running out with Michael.

We Needed A Safe Way To Transport Our Beagle

In light of these concerns, I set out on a mission to find a safe way to transport Oliver.  Doing a bit of research on the web, I found several options and opinions.  A crate is best for long drives and road trips, but short drives to school don’t require such measures.  Besides the size of his crate does not lend itself well to my Volvo’s backseat.  It works well in my husband’s F-150 Crew Cab, though.

Since I needed something other than Oliver’s large crate, I continued to search for options.  Some folks recommend using a walking harness and tether.  Well, upon further investigation, I found that a regular walking harness is not a safe option.  The pressure points of a regular walking harness could injure your dog in the event of an accident.  The point of a harness is to safely transport your pet not insure injury in an accident.  So a regular walking harness is not the answer for us.  The same is true of just connecting a seatbelt tether to a collar.  Can you imagine the dangers for your pet in an accident or hard stop where all the pressure is around his neck?  Definitely not an option.

I Used A Regular Walking Harness And Seatbelt Tether Before I Knew The Dangers

Without realizing it, we put Oliver in his crate for his morning nap with his walking harness on.  A couple of hours later, I went to let him out for a potty break and found he had chewed his harness to bits.  All’s well.  I was forced to do what I had found to be right and purchase an auto harness.

There Are Several Options For An Auto Harness

auto harness

Oliver is getting big. He can sit up and see out the window or lie down in his auto harness.

After a lot of shopping, I finally decided on the KURGO Tru-Fit Smart Harness.  I purchased the full kit with harness and tether.  An auto seatbelt tether alone is handy for our other vehicle.  Each tether has a different connection point.  The kit comes with a loop style connection, while the auto seatbelt tether alone connects into the seatbelt buckle on my model.

The thing I like most about the KURGO Tru-Fit Smart Harness is the quick connect attachments.  It is a little difficult to explain the connections in a blog, but the auto harness basically slips over the dog’s head leaving a portion is on his back while the other portion is under his chest and belly.  The straps are then pulled up from underneath his belly to connect with the portion on his back.  There are two walking harness connections on the device, one on the back and one on the chest plate.

There are five points of adjustment on the harness, so getting the right fit is easy.  The auto harness comes in multiple sizes and two colors.  The colors are red and black.  The sizes range from x-small to x-large or five pounds to one hundred ten pounds.


Our Auto Harness Helps Make My Life A Little More Simple

auto harness

Oliver is able to lie down in his auto harness.  He looks a little bummed out because he misses his boy already.

Since Michael can dress Oliver in his auto harness and connect him in the backseat, I am free to get ready for our drive without worrying with loading them up in the car.  It also encourages Michael to hurry to the car in the morning, instead of trying to watch a few more minutes of cartoons or playing a bit more Minecraft.  He loves on and pets Oliver all the way to school.  It is good bonding time for them.  Of course, Oliver whines a bit when Michael gets out at car line, but he is easy to handle because he is secured in the backseat.  The auto harness is just one more product I use to make my life a little more simple.


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