Oh my goodness, what did we get ourselves into?  This Beagle is a power chewer!  I mean we can’t put anything down that this guy doesn’t start chewing on it when left alone and within five minutes he destroys it.  The water hose in the yard, the remote control in the man cave, the ever-present shoes in the floor, even his own bed, whatever it is, nothing is safe.  I stuck the water hose at the first of this list, but really it was the last straw for my husband.  He just can’t take it anymore!  We have to do something and fast!!

On The Hunt For Options

So a few days ago, I went to the store and found a couple of items I wanted to try, to salvage the relationship with Oliver and Teddy.  I looked at several items from chew toys to rawhide bones.  I mean we need something tough.  A sweet little stuffed animal or soft rubber toy just won’t hold up to his power chew.  I decided on two options and brought them home to give them a try to see if they would hold his interest and hold up to his bite.

The two items we are trying are the Mammoth Tire Biter and the Nylabone Femur Alternative for power chewers.

Testing The Nylabone Femur Alternative

I’ll just start by saying that Oliver really, really loves the Nylabone.  I gave it to him, with no instructions, an he ran straight to his bed in the livingroom.  It kept him busy for an hour or so.  Then he got up and began roaming around to see what he could get into.  I suggested he go outside and play.  I opened the door and called him.  He was a little hesitant so I grabbed his Nylabone and coaxed him toward the door.  He happily ran over and took the bone, but instead of going outside, he ran back to his bed and dropped it there.  Then he went outside to play.

Since he chewed up the water hose, Teddy issued the verdict, “Oliver cannot go outside by himself.”  So great, I am getting use to him being able to go in and out on his own since we got the wireless electronic fence.  You can read about that here.  Now, I am stuck babysitting the power chewer pooch again.  So I went outside with him and grabbed the Tire Biter to give it a try.

Testing The Mammoth Tire Biter

To be honest, Oliver was a bit less enthused with this item.  I rolled it, tossed it, threw it.  He was mildly interested.  In fact he began playing with a trusty Hickory Nut that dropped from the tree overhead. I popped the nut out of his mouth and stuck it inside the tire.  Now that got his attention.  He played a good fifteen minutes trying to get the nut out of the tire.  So I call that a win, but once the nut was retrieved, he proceeded to prance off after lizards!  I found a couple more nuts and shoved them in the tire for a few more minutes of play, then it was back inside to find the bone.

Once he was ready to take his afternoon nap, I decided to throw the tire in his crate with him.  He has chewed up all his beds, blankets and toys I put in his crate.  I wanted to see if the tire would hold up.   IT DID!  Now a few days later and the tire still looks brand new, but his bedding is also no worse off.  He seems to be chewing on the tire instead of his blanket.  I’ll take that as a win too.

After A Week With A Power Chewer

With a week of chewing down in the books, I thought it would be nice to see the damage.  So here are the photos.  As you can see, no wear at all on the TireBiter and minimal wear on the Nylabone.  I know the Nylabone looks chewed up on the top right, but that is pretty much the shape of it new.