1.  Use Coupons

I know that sounds like a no brainer, but people often forget to clip and use coupons especially at specialty stores like pet stores.  Petco and PetSmart each have a puppy club complete with a whole book of coupons.  Ask for the club books at store checkout.  Petco’s club is free, while PetSmart charges about $20 for their book.  A couple of discounts later in PetSmart’s book will quickly save money and recoup the fee.  There are coupons for everything you can think of for pets in their club books.

 Also, go to Coupons.com and search pet care for lots of other coupons.  Oh, don’t forget to search for brand websites and sign-up for email lists. Here’s an example of sign-up form PetCareRx.com – Homepage.  You’ll see a pop-up shortly after arriving on the page. There are often coupons listed on the sites with sign-up to help save money.  My vet even has given me coupons on dog food, as well as, issued rebate forms for Comboguard.

Use Ibotta app on your phone or computer for rebates on pet supplies at your favorite stores.  No clipping, just clicking!  I love this app for ease of use, plus they are always updating it to include new products.  Recently, they added the pet supplies category.  Go check it out. The rebates change weekly so be sure to check back each week.  The way the app works is you review the listed products at your favorite stores and unlock by clicking the product. Usually, there is a short video from the manufacturer or a one question poll to watch or click.  No biggie. Super simple.  Then the rebate is unlocked.  Buy the product during the week promo and take a picture of the receipt in the app along with scanning the UPC.  The rebates are stored in the app until you withdraw them.  Must be at least $20 in your app account to withdraw.  Set up or use an existing PayPal account for quick transactions.


  1. Join a care plan at your vet

My vet, VCA Hospitals, participants in a puppy care plan up to 12 months old and dog care plan for older than 1 year.  The discount plan covers routine care and vaccines, as well as, microchip and spay or neutering.  It also spreads out the costs to a low monthly payment with no interest.

While we are talking about vet services, I wanted to mention a great website that has lots of resources for dog lovers, YourDogAdvisor.   I found wonderful advice on caring for your dog following surgery.  Check out this article for a no-nonsense approach to help your dog recover as quickly and comfortably, as possible.

  1. Use Ebates when making travel plans and booking pet friendly hotels 

I use Hotels.com and limit my search to pet friendly.  Then I organize by user recommendations.  After I narrow down the ones I think are good by reviews, I start looking at the fine print.  I am looking for pet fees.  It is one thing to be pet friendly and another to be affordable.  Read my post on Taking Your Dog on a Road Trip for more information.  The savings are small, but add up over time.  Remember to use your Ebates account for all your online orders.  I make a couple hundred dollars a year just buying what I normally would and clicking into Ebates before checking out. That’s just what I make from Ebates.  There are often coupon codes available too and they apply before checking out.  Every dollar counts!

  1. Give healthy treats

save money health treats

Arya loves her some carrots! They help get rid of baby teeth too.

Healthy treats can be expensive when purchased as a prepackage dog treat. I’ve found a few pet supply companies on the Ebates site, like PetCareRx.  You can save money on everything from meds to beds. Get an Additional 20% OFF Flea and Tick Treatments at PetCareRx.com! Use Code: EXTRA20

Single ingredient treats can be less expensive and fresher than the manufactured products.  They also keep weight in check with less calories than the store-bought treats.   Oliver, our Beagle, loves carrots and green beans.  I usually pick up a package of whole carrots in the produce section.  I break them in half straight out of the refrigerator.  He grabs the offering and runs to his bed to chew away.  Carrots are especially helpful in getting rid of puppy teeth.  I also buy frozen carrot rounds and keep a bag in the freezer for quick cool treats.  Speaking of frozen treats, grab a bag of whole green beans and give on as a treat.  I bet your pups will come running back for more.  These treats are about $1 each and that helps save money.

  1. Make easy chew toys

I think Oliver loves the simple rag toys I make him the best and I save money by not buying expensive chew toys.  All you need is a fleece blanket like the stores sell during Christmas for around $4 or $5.  Cut it into a few strips about 18 inches long and 6 inches wide.  You’ll have extra fabric for other uses.  Then tie a couple of knots in each strip to make a rag doll or tug toy.  I toss the toys and Oliver goes crazy chasing them.  He even brings them back sometimes!  We are working on the fetch command.

  1. Make your own dog shampoo

Some products marketed for dogs should not be used on them at all.  They can be drying to dogs’ sensitive skin.  You can spend a lot of money on special formulas that are more gentle on your pup’s skin or spend a little and make something that is soothing.  I think that anything you would not want your pup to eat should not be used on their skin.  Oliver sometimes licks his shampoo and I never worry it will hurt him.  I use this recipe with oatmeal, castile soap, fresh lavender and rosemary.  I grow the herbs so I might as well use them, right?

Checkout these websites for savings on meds for your beloved pooch.