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Are you a new fur mama or fur daddy looking for simple solutions to dog care?

simple solutions to dog care

Oliver at six months old

Bringing home a puppy can be very overwhelming with so many decisions concerning their health and well being.  Not to mention, all the changes to the household and family.  Having a puppy in the house is like having a toddler on the loose.  Even older dogs can present a challenge for their family.

So many dog care questions:

  • When do puppies need shots and worming?
  • Do dogs really need all the stuff the vet recommends?
  • What about house training and leash walking?
  • Which food is best and can I give him people food?
  • Which products are worth the money and really work?
  • How can I save money on stuff he really needs?
  • What do we do with him while we travel or go on vacation?
  • How do I know when he has to “do his business?”
  • Will I ever get another night of rest?
  • Can someone remind me why I got this dog?
  • And many more…


It's okay if you don't know everything. The main thing is to love your pup and play as much as you can. They grow up so fast!

We are here to offer simple solutions to dog care by sharing:

simple solutions to dog care

Arya in puppy pile

  • Product reviews
  • How-to find resources
  • Tips on everything related to dogs
  • DIY pet care and recipes
  • Money saving strategies


Who's the lady behind the screen at Dog Lovers Doodads?

Meet Vicki McCay

simple solutions to dog care

That’s me and Teddy with our daughter, Rebecca, and our youngest son, Michael.

Hi guys, I am so glad you found the website.

Just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.  I’ve been married to Teddy for thirty-four years.  We’ve successfully raised two children to adulthood with an eleven year-old coming right along.  We homeschooled our two older kids from elementary through high school.  With eighteen years between our last two, we decided to let our youngest try public school.  He is doing well so he is still attending there.

Our two older kids were diagnosed with ADD with Anxiety and ADHD.  The youngest is Gifted.  The reason I tell you this is all children are different and require different approaches to learning.  They have their own interests, strengths and weaknesses. Some require more patience than others.  Some learn quickly without much study or training.  Many fur parents recognize the same is true for pets.  Each has his own personality.

I’ve been a dog lover all my life.  We grew up with outside dogs, no leash laws and pets that ran free in the city.  As an adult with small children and living in a little country town, we had more dogs outside with free rein on our thirty-five acres.  Now, living in the city again, but with a strict leash law, a lot has changed in dog care and how we live together inside a house.

It is my desire to live a simple life, mind my own business and work with my hands as the Bible instructs.  I often share with others the things that I learn through daily living like crafting, sewing, shopping, cooking, painting, raising children and now taking care of fur babies.  A teacher at heart, this site is an extension of all I hold dear.